Thursday, July 24, 2008

Then Nine More Days

Man, this blog is as if shot from a cannon.

I am a dueling blogger with your host. He joined my blog, and I joined his. We'll write stuff.

I never even pay attention to the weather. I figure you're either gonna go outside or not. You can always adapt later. I got caught in the rain with a friend about a week ago and we hung out under a storm awning and played the celebrity name game to kill time.

Last weekend, Districted man and I saw The Dark Knight twice (along with a total of 19 others between the two shows. 0% disappointment). Holy s#$%, that movie was SICK.

I picked up the word sick because way back when, Jim Breuer used to have a comedy show where he would just chat and occasionally have sketches. I think that dude is hilarious. Once I saw a clip of him playing peekaboo with his daughter and he hid behind the bed and jumped out at her like some sort of giant demon monster. It's the physical delivery that sells his jokes. Anyway, he had a sketch called the "Sick Show," because he and all his friends growing up in NJ used to call everything "sick." Jim Breuer...Where's that guy?

Anyway, the only negative review I have thus far seen about The Dark Knight (or as I call it, Batman Continues) has been some retardidiotmoron lady on It's too bad that Heath Ledger was survivally challenged.

I'm sticking with the clean language because I had a blog once before for about two weeks. Districted man had a blog, so I started a blog about his blog. 100% mockery included. Who has a blog anyway? It was fun. Well, I realize that a whole bunch of people probably read it, family members included, and I probably came across as a potty mouth.

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