Sunday, July 27, 2008

This is my Sunday

It's easy to forget just how good Ben & Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough is. It's been a while, and I'm enjoying this a lot.

I'm doing laundry today, and I always forget to do my bathroom towel. I always think of it about halfway through the process. I don't really mind the smell that those things generate over time, but I don't want to gross the girlfriend out too much. Same goes for a pile of dishes in the sink with a pile of mold on top of it. Well, actually I've grown out of that and the roommate probably wouldn't like it. For some reason I'm reminded of once when I was over a friend from high school's house. His mom was gathering up the laundry he had lying around on the floor. She would ask him if a pair of pants or shors were dirty, and his test was to smell the inside of the ass. She said "That's gross!" and he responded "what? That's how you tell."

I'm going to try Slow Burn. I skipped the first 80 or so pages of the book, which I am told are like one long, annoying infomercial. Each chapter is supposedly in the format of "how can you fix _______________ issue in your life? Answer: Slow Burn, and here's why: _______________." I did Body for Life a while ago (god, try reading that epic rambler), and lifting 3x/week combined with cardio 3 more made me ski-nny. Strong, but skinny. It taught me a lot about having a plan going into a workout and sticking to it. No dawdling. This was invaluable. Slow Burn seems ridiculously hard. Your goal is to push your muscles to failure every exercise every time. I don't belong to a gym so I have to do home workouts, which are pretty weak in comparison so far. But I have gotten a taste of the pain. Yuck. I'm interested to see if I'll learn something about the mindset that pushes yourself to the actual physical limit. Right now I can't do that. I feel a bunch of pain and think "well, this sucks. Do I really have to do this? Not really." I figure that's the mental limit as it currently stands. Aak, tell about how your 100 pushups progress is rolling along.

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