Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Day Deals (Updated 11pm)

I'm glad DCist is on top of this story. I get the feeling their post on free deals for having voted will continue to be updated as more businesses try to incentivise voting.

As of this blogpost, there are six deals:
And I know of another deal at Proteus Bicycles*: 10% off anything, plus an Election Returns party?! Looks like I might have something to do on Election Night after all.

Update II: CakeLove is giving $1 discounts to voters! (via Prince of Petworth)

Update III: see new post.

If you know of any other deals going on for voters in the District of Districted, let me know, eh?

*This tip comes to us via The Abbot of Unreason, our one and only "follower"! Thank you, Abbot.


Kat said...

I feel so cheated. I voted absentee, so I have no sticker with which to take advantage of all this stuff.

aak said...

For Starbucks, actually, you don't need a sticker. For the others, you could just plead your case and maybe get a sympathy freebie.