Friday, September 19, 2008

I Ain't 'Fraid o' Nuthin'

Play by play of the 13 question quiz:

1) Both. Proceeding to just pick one.

2)Don't know the answer - "When you raise taxes in a bad economy you eliminate jobs." Don't know if that's true. Is it always true? is it true in our situation? Is there someone who can answer this for me and show me the reasoning? Feel like both options are a starting place for further readind, not a dividing line.

3) Iraq issue, general stance: we NEVER should have gone there as far as I can tell, but since we are, it might be our responsibility to not leave until they are stable. I forget the terminology, but I lean toward progress based withdrawal vs timetables. I feel like this is a talking point from a year ago, though. The statements here don't seem to make assertions, just statements about attitudes. I'd like to know what the proposals are. Does Obama want a precipitous withdrawal? I chose the Obama statement, but I wouldn't want a sudden withdrawal.

4) Iraq: Man, I wish I could sit and pick the brains of people who are in the know.

5) Healthcare: my attitude predisposition led me to click Obama's, but is it the most practical? I don't f***ing know.

6) How to pay for Healthcare: I don't know. Neither statement makes sense, but the McCain seems to make less. This goes back to taxing the rich just because they have the scratch. Lame. I still chose the Obama one, though.

7) Immigration: Chose the Obama one, but only because I had a convo with roommate and her boyfriend about this issue recently. They won me over. If I had a conservative roommate, I'd probably have a different view.

8) Earned Citizenship: I think I chose the Obama one, but I am NOT qualified to weigh in here. It does seem impractical to me to deport 12 million people. I don't know what illegal immigration does to our country. I can tell you that the restaurant industry would cease to put food on the table and wash dishes so abundantly.

9) Abortion: Obama. I don't see any gray area on this one.

10) Gay Marraige: Both are anti based on these quotes. That's stupid. Why not? Oh, right, we're a religious whackball country and letting a man and a man f*** under a holy or pseudo holy union would alienate too many.

11) Global Warming: I don't know about this one. I do think that this is probably a political issue more than a scientific one, but we obviously need a hard reduction on carbon emissions. Which approach is more practical: Hard cap or whatever else the other one asserts? The hard cap says 80% below 1990 levels vs the other's 60%. Let's see, which is the greater number... Duh. Of course I want the greater reduction. Is it practical? Who the f*** knows? I'm going to click with the optimism that it is.

12) Judges and the court: ??? Well, both sound great. I guess. I don't understand. I'm going to close my eyes and click. Almighty prejudice tells me that I don't want hard-line conservatives in those jobs. Stance subject to massive change.

13) Commander in Chief: Both statements are vague. Close eyes and click.


I'm an Obama-ite. I must admit that I enjoyed this quiz very much.

And in response to my assignment: the speaker of the quote was pretty obvious most of the time.

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