Friday, September 12, 2008

Time to Opine

Ok, two paragraphs in and I already have a reaction: Creationism.

I have long thought that I don't have any political opinions. It seemed that political opinions, for those interested, come from the same place that makes people say "I like/dislike [such and such a movie/dessert/book]." Unfortunately they do and people, it seems, act on such opinions without facts and think-through. A given issue seems answered by their unconscious brain as soon as a given topic is discussed. That's exactly what I want to avoid. Of course, the opposite end of the spectrum is me who eschews the whole damn thing because I don't feel for anything.

But on the issue of creationism I think I'm a knee-jerk liberal on this one. When I think about the issue, albeit infrequently, I think "Ok, you creationists are wrong. It's clear. Can we please stop talking about it? Please? I don't want to hear about it again." The best word to describe my feeling is bored. But I'm realizing that since I have such an opinion and others out there have the exact opposite opinion, that's what makes it a political issue. Thus I have a political opinion. I don't know how to go about suggesting how my stance should be implemented nationwide and I don't know how to go about properly insulting those who disagree with it, which seems the real point of politics. I realize that there are MASSIVE aspects of this issue eluding me as I write this post, but I also do realize that I have a starting point - my own opinion - to go about doing research if I'm so inclined.

I also realize that I don't fully understand what "creationism" means as I write this. That is an important point for me. I'm taking a stance on a political issue with incomplete knowledge. Before I would engage a creationist on any sort of debate I will have to do a lot of reading, but to think privately on this issue I am very comfortable with my stance where it lies.

Yes, I did need to spell all this out, if only for my own understanding.

I must regret that I have told my family about this blog. I was going to make an off color joke earlier that would have made me laugh while writing it, but I had to censor myself. Drat! My Dad just sent me an e-mail the other day telling me that he gets updates about my life from these blogs. That's cool, but I miss smut talk sometimes.

Hi, Dad.


Hatandcoat'sMom said...

Well, this is from your Mom. I don't care if you use smut talk. I
am more concerned about your use of
the term "knee-jerk liberal". (Read my comment on aak's post for today). What is a knee jerk liberal? Whose knee is involved? Is there such a person as a knee
jerk conservative? Anyhow, I was enjoying your blog, though I still don't really "get" blogging, but, I rather like the spontaneity of responding to it, the idea of writing when a thought enters one's mind--the immediacy of it, etc. I can see how it could be addictive. Though, I still wonder how people have time to do it, and
who reads all these blogs? Never mind, now I am just writing down
my random thoughts. I am sorry you feel spied upon by your family and I am concerned that you will start a new blog under a new name and not leave a forwarding address.
Just a thought from your Mom.

Hatandcoat said...

Hi, Mom.