Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Am Not Spartacus

I don't wholeheartedly identify with liberal thinking like my Mom and my Co-Blogger. I might, I just don't think so at this point.

Here's one issue that my instincts say bulls*** to: the death tax. I'm also not generally a fan of requiring the wealthy to pay much more in taxes just because they can. Those are more conservative viewpoints. If I made a senseless amount of money I would voluntarily give that money but I don't see what right I would have to require the same of the guy down the hall in my luxury high rise.

I remember finding a website once that layed out all the basic political philosophies in a paragraph each. I think libertarian was my most fitting one. Basically they say "do whatever you want" both socially and fiscally. So, socially liberal and financially conservative. Sounds great, but I have genuinely disliked libertarians I have met.

I am chewing gum right now. I remember seeing a special about how Japanese swordsmiths work. They fold the metal over and over so it gets harder and harder. I want to try that with this gum. I'm using my tongue and teeth to make it happen.

Duh, it won't happen, now that I think about it. I'll have to resort to my favorite gum chewing activity. I make it a long string, paste it along my front teeth, flatten it out with my tongue, and blow so that it pops in about 8 different places. Kinda satisfying. I also like the satisfaction of eating baby carrots so that the crunch is extremely loud. I make my mouth a cavern so that it echoes. I probably doesn't make any difference, but it feels like it does.

If I were a superhero I would be "Lord of Chaos." I used to have a fantasy about being able to control random events in the environment so that they'd follow my will. So, if some foe across the room were bothering me I'd be able to drop a marble 1/2 foot in front of me. That marble would cause a stir of dust, which would make a tiny flock of dust mites to run to my right, they would run onto a bristle in the carpet which would bend and on and on until gust of wind picks up a used fork and hurls it a my foe's forehead. People would totally underestimate the Lord of Chaos to their demise.

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