Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Standout Indian Food?

Most Districted people who like Indian food don't really have a favorite Indian restaurant. They typically say, "Well, it's always pretty good, because I like Indian food."

Come on. I want to know where the best Indian food is. The standout Indian place.

Heritage India is good, but they're only slightly better than Delhi Dhaba. Mostly they're pretending to be upscale Indian. What's that? Indian food ingredients are the cheapest ever, right?

Taj Mahal, right next to Heritage India on Connecticut (south of Dupont Circle) is a good place to go when you're hungry; at lunch they have an all-you-can-eat buffet. But I know it's not awesome. Some dishes taste worse than storebought varieties.

I went to Ghar-E-Kabab this weekend in Silver Spring. It's Nepali-run but serves mostly just Indian food. (I was disappointed; I loved my Nepalese curry place in Toyama, Japan. Shout out to Chatori-Katori!)

Ghar-E-Kabab was tasty. The spinach curry warms the mouth with a nice, subtle spice. The chicken curry was simple and good. The nan was just okay. The waiters, kinda pushy. The overall meal was not standout.

I know where to go for kabob food. Ravi Kabob. It also has Indian food. It's in a strip mall in Virginia somewhere. It's too far for me to go just when I'm craving curry, but it is "standout." I want a Metroable standout Indian place in MD or the District. Too much to ask?

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Missy said...

My faves are in VA - Tandoori Nights and Delhi Club (not to be confused with Deli Dhaba). I hear Rasika is amazing.

And I love Bombay Club in DC (you went there with me, Ray and Andrew?) but it's expensive.