Saturday, October 25, 2008

Clever, she thought, as she took the $10.75.

I went to see Religulous last night (as you probably already know). I met Mr. Hatandcoat at the AMC Loews Georgetown 14.

I'll never go there again.

I was waiting in line, excited about my student discount. I got out my ID in anticipation of the couple of dollars off I would get. The girl behind me saw my ID and said, "Oh, I can get a discount here! Do I have my ID?"

I got up front, asked for a student ticket for Religulous, and brandished my student ID like a VIP card. The girl behind the counter said, "10.75 please."

I was taken aback. Did movie tickets soar to $13 in the past month? I said, "Um, could you give me a student discount, please?"

She said, "That's Thursdays."

I said, "What?"

She said, "Student discounts are only on Thursdays."

I said, "Only here."

Only Thursdays? Who ever heard of that? This is the theater closest to both George Washington and Georgetown. Unless the deals on Thursdays are insane (like $6 a ticket, $2 a box of popcorn, crazy sh*t like that). Then I would be kinda okay with it.

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