Friday, October 17, 2008

Nice Fakeout

Joe the plumber is a fake. He's not a plumber, doesn't even have a plumber's license, he makes about $40,000 a year, he avoids paying taxes, and, even if he bought the plumbing company he does contract work for, it would only make him about $130,000 a year. See video:

The way he spoke to Obama in footage of their meeting together made me think Joe'd been coached, or that he'd been planted there by McCain, or that he was a Fox News zombie. Judge for yourself:

How he just threw out the $250,000 figure, how he kept harping on "hard work" and "the American dream"... I dunno, I thought he sounded fake. He also looked too comfortable in front of the camera. It's vomitous to think that McCain's campaign would use a plant, but, given that his campaign has already exceeded expectations for vomit-inducing horror, perhaps it's not that bad? As in Palin's debate, maybe my standards have been lowered?

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