Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dartboard Issue Choosing

Many people seem to do the following, so I will join the club. I will find a political article, any article, and sound off on it. Commencing google search for "politics" now.

Obama raised 150 million in September!? I have no idea what McCain has, but it's probably comparable. I'm still a little shocked by that number. One month. It says that McCain raised 85 million of federal matching funds in the last 2 months of the campaign. I don't know what that means.

Some years ago didn't I hear the news repeat the phrase "campaign finance reform" over and over? If these campaigns can raise this much so damn easily, how is anything different? Did that chatter amount to a senate bill that campaigners simply figured out how to get around? It makes me wonder what talking points we hear at any given moment will fade over time. Why isn't global warming on the radio and tv every time I turn them on anymore?

Here's a big "duh:" if Obama holds the promise of such change, does he also promise to not listen to hundreds of millions of influence dollars that people have spent?

I think it would be fun to keep an exhaustive list of things promised by the politicians during campaign time and see what the winner follows through on. (Well, not fun to make the list, but to have it later). Then it'd be great to have it with other politicians over time and on my 95th birthday I could hand it over to my great grandson who'll have a budding interest at that point. He could analyze the promise keepers vs breakers. Perhaps he could note the cues in the campaigners' behavior that will divide them into either camp. Perhaps I could run some analysis of past campaigns and have this answer right now. Perhaps it exists on the webs now, I just need to refine the search for "politics."

That's it. I'm done talking about politics for about a week.

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Susan said...

Huh? You're worried that the 3.1 million people who have contributed to the Obama campaign (a the clip off an average of $86 each) will all demand some sort of favors?

That's kind of weird

FYI the $85 million McCain received came from taxpayers not donations and he's not allowed to spend any more than that.