Thursday, October 30, 2008

Double-Blog Crisis: Pumpkin Edition

As many readers have pointed out (okay, one), the distinction between the blog and the other one that I post on is rather vague. I've said before that the other one is more personal and Districted is more universal--it might be of some interest to people that I don't know as well as the people I do know. Mr. Hatandcoat seems to believe that Districted is a "political blog," but that's just because he doesn't read political blogs so he doesn't know how relentless the political blogs are. Districted, on the other hand, relents.

But this "universal/personal"' distinction puts me in a bind. I can't just post to Districted with any old thing in my life. It has to have some sort of value for other humans, like warning them about the timbre of McCain's attack ads and rallies and political ploys, or it has to be District-of-Columbia-centric, like my posts about city biking as well as taking the Metro. I also put District-area reviews here.

But what about when I just wanna talk about my pumpkin-carving last night? Well, I can take the political angle, I guess.

There were two Obama-themed pumpkins carved last night. Here's one of them.

Now reader(s?), please do not misunderstand. OMG is indeed short for Oh My God, but that does not mean that the Obama logo in place of the "Oh" should indicate that the pumpkin-carver meant to say "Obama My God!" No. There are two layers at work here, mixed together in an amusing way. On one layer, the carver is supporting Obama by making the logo. On the other, she is expressing delight, excitement, and surprise at Obama's success in the polls.

One might wonder why someone would carve Obama jack'o'lanterns, when jack'o'lanterns are traditionally the gargoyles of vegetable light sources; they're meant to be scary to scare the really badd stuff away. By this reasoning, I argued, we should all carve McCain or Palin into our pumpkins, as they are truly scary. "That's TOO scary," I was told.

So we focused on other things:

A Siamese-twin pumpkin.

Tradition is bulletproof, like the Man of Steel. Just not dropproof. This Supercarving was destroyed soon after the picture was taken.

A scary clown face. (I supplied the design, but it's all in the execution.)

Spooky Little Prince (this one was mine).

Unfortunately, we did not have the clay-carving tools for finer work. (I think I ruined them two years ago, making the Hand of Fear.)

So, dear reader(s?), what would you like this blog to be? Political? District-oriented? Pumpkin-tastic? We want to hear from YOU.


Rebecca said...

Did you notice how the coat rack behind questionably scary clown pumpkin kind of looks like a clown hat? Handy...

aak said...

Did you notice how the guy with his hands on his head appears to be going insane from the horror? No question, it's a scaaaaaary clown face.

Hatandcoat said...

Ha. When I first glanced through this post I saw the superman one and thought it must have been pics from last year. (for the uninformed, I couldn't make it last night)

Random Person You've Never Entered A Blogging Venture With said...

Vote: Either District-oriented or Pumpkin-tastic.