Monday, December 22, 2008

Baltimore's Own "Sinner"

On Sunday, I went to see "Sinner," a 20-minute short written and directed by Wade Tyree. Wade pulled out all the stops to put this movie together, but I hadn't expected him to premiere it at the Senator. I took this photo of him in front of the marquee, and I quite like it.

It took about an hour for things to get rolling. Then the Senator Theatre manager came onto the stage and addressed the mostly-full theater. His opening was a joke about how nothing had better happen that night, or else all of Baltimore's production staff would be gone. Apparently the room was filled with film crew people and other indie film producers.

The short itself? It was carried by the lead actor, Corey Parker-Robinson. He was on The Wire, which Wade worked on as well. Parker-Robinson was phenomenal and believable throughout the story. I liked Wade's direction as well, and the way he incorporated classic Baltimore scenery: the old warehouse, the park, and of course the diner near the end. Very cool.

After "Sinner" had ended (with much applause), I caught up with some Baltimore people and tried to ignore the Dave Matthews DVD playing on the big screen. Not a very good music DVD choice for the afterparty, I must say. A little while later, I hit the road to go play Settlers of Catan with Hatandcoat.

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