Monday, December 22, 2008

French Roads Fail Me

Every time I learn a new trick like a new shortcut or route through this city to take by car, it gets balanced out by frustration with new mistakes.

I was back in DC from watching "Sinner" at the Senator Theatre and I went to play Settlers of Catan with Hatandcoat and our not-frequent-enough Guest Poster. We played until 2am-- GP won the first one quickly, but I won the second game after a long struggle for power. We were in Glover Park, so I had no idea how to drive back to Silver Spring from there. We looked it up, and Google suggested this route:

Looks simple; elegant, even. I liked it. I liked how W turns into 42nd and ends at New Mexico, and how New Mexico ends at American University, right at Nebraska. It was a neat, efficient route.

I, however, ended up doing this:

I must've blown past the Nebraska-Military intersection. And I had had no idea how wise it would have been to take Wise across Rock Creek Park. Let's have a close-up of that idiocy, shall we? (click for even larger hilarity)

Friggin' French-designed state roads and such. Makes one wish one had a GPS thingy... like one that could be used in conjunction with a bike as well... hint hint...

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