Saturday, December 27, 2008


Merry New Year and Happy Christmas. I'm sick.

This is the first time in about a year and a half that I've been really sick. My uncle tells me that's because I am getting so much Vitamin D from being outside on the bike. My cousin tells me it's because I was getting nearly 2 hours of exercise every day. I think it has something to do with both, plus the extra circulation and respiration.

Supposing that's all true, I'm really regretting taking the shuttle to UMD most of the time in late November and all of December.

This sucks. I was hoping to have more time to update here on Districted during my time away from schoolin'. But I'm quarantined, so I'm going to be posting more on Hatandcoat.

(I'm beginning to think of Hatandcoat as the "interior" blog and Districted as the "exterior." What do you think, o Absent Co-Blogger?)

I spent all day in front of the TV yesterday, watching the House marathon on USA. Yes, I was that miserable. I made it outside today just for a short trip to Whole Foods.

See, I'm in an awkward in-between space right now in terms of insurance. My work coverage ended and my school coverage is going to kick in mid-January (I think). So I can't go to the doctor unless I think it's serious. Luckily, I know what I've got. A sinus infection. Get them all the time. At least I used to, before the serious biking.

I went to Whole Foods, intending to go all out with the home remedies. I got:
  • kombucha (it helped that guy's mom with her cancer!)
  • echinacea & slippery elm teas
  • that probiotic yogurt stuff, immunity variety
  • crackers
  • crackers
  • more crackers (there was a sale)
  • zinc (technically should've been downing it three days ago)
  • olive bread (olives are a mediterranean cure-all)
  • honey (an egyptian cure-all)
  • chicken soup (a Jewish cure all?)
  • lots of other soups
  • chicken pot pie
  • spinach curry (spinach has Vit. C)
  • orange juce (ditto)
  • four apples (an apple a day...)
In addition to all that, I'll continue to neti-pot my sinuses every day... maybe even twice a day. Plus I've got a multi-vitamin (mainly B vitamins... what the hey).

I wish I could be more scientific about it, but I'm just going to throw everything I've got into my immune system and see what happens. And if something bad happens from all these home remedies interacting with each other, well, that's what I get for watching the House marathon.


Hatandcoat said...

I'd agree. Though I think of H&C more as "the one that I still post on."

Kat said...

I wish I could be more scientific about it, but I'm just going to throw everything I've got into my immune system and see what happens.

Good luck! The last time I tried that, I ended up with my first allergy ever. I hope it goes better for you.

aak said...

No known allergies developed. At least, I hope not.