Saturday, December 06, 2008

RCN Might Not Be Better Than Comcast

I have always thought Comcast's customer service was terrible. Despite them having a Twitter account and responding to my calls of distress that way, they took forever to reconnect my service, bungling it all the way for over a month. I've had other friends who were disconnected for over three months until they decided to go with another company. So when I was moving into a house that had RCN already hooked up, I was quite pleased.

RCN was going really well... but now it's been 6 days without internet and I need internet for school. This is so going down on your permanent record, RCN.

I called RCN once to ask what was going on (we had no TV and no broadband connection). The first time, I was put on hold for over thirty minutes, and when someone finally picked up my call, they were less than helpful. They said it was an area problem, but could not tell me any more than that. I hung up, powerless.

I called again two days later (Friday). The woman who answered was much more helpful, even though she had me go through the motions of "power-cycling" my cable box. (I knew it would do no good.) she scheduled an appointment for next week.

If the repairman comes, and if there is no mixup in the system, and especially if the problem is fixed in the one visit, I will have to say that RCN is better than Comcast in the DC area. I will let you know.

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