Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Do Not Buy A Snuggie

For my girlfriend's birthday I bought her a Snuggie. Now that she has it, it's a great, comfy, wonderful thing to have. But I should have ordered a similar product like the slanket or just hand made something or just had her put her bathrobe on backward like Jay Leno apparently jokes.

The website was straighforward and easy to use - a little too easy. I put in my order, chose the burgundy color, entered my credit card # and my phone number, then proceeded to the check out. The next page it took me to was deliberately unclear as to what it was telling me. It seemed to me that it was an order confirmation page and on the bottom of the page was a gigantic light blue button that said "yes" and a much smaller light gray "no" button. I clicked yes and in doing so was duped into buying a second order! Immediately it took me to the same page to try to get more out of me. I caught on after being duped once, then after clicking no it took me to another page that tried to sell another product. Then another and another.

The order was buy one get one free so now I have FOUR of those things!!!

Of course, their customer service line did not pick up, claiming "heavy call volume due to the holiday season," (At the end of January!?), and my emails to them were sent back.

But perhaps the most annoying thing was that they seem to have sold my phone number to some annoying people. For the weeks following my order there was some phone number that called me literally 3x/day minimum. I picked up the phone maybe twice and nobody answered. I googled the number and found message boards of people who regret buying snuggies who had the same problem. Apparently people call from that number and offer gift cards from Wal-Mart or other rewards that are somehow scams. I blocked that number and just two days ago some salesman called me from a new number offering me some exciting awards that I'm eligible for. Ugh. Now I might have to change my number or keep blocking new ones.

Do not buy a snuggie.


aak said...

That's horrible!

Now I have to find that video... See my follow-up post.

Hatandcoat said...

Follow up: Two new numbers are currently calling me.

aak said...

Maybe you should change your number. That or raise hell.

coffee said...

i love my Snuggie... it comes in handy on days i want to dress like a pink Jedi