Monday, February 16, 2009

Finding a Replacement

Roommate is moving out, so I am in the process of picking a new one. After interview I think 9 people I have 6 that I could very easily see myself living with. I leave the experience with 1) a very positive view of the people living in the DC area, and 2) genuinely sad that I have to say no to a bunch of them.

The experience for me has been decidedly better than Aak's was. I don't have a list of moronic things people have told me. We just chatted about hobbies, interests, backgrounds, etc. I did have some people write me Aak's list item #5 "I'll absolutely pay on time," and they got the cold shoulder. Now comes the part where whoever I choose turns out to have unpleasant habits like peeing in the potted plants.

I want to do a stint now as a hiring manager somewhere because I liked interviewing people so much.


PQ said...

Guess I found your blog too late because I've been looking for a place in the city.

Hatandcoat said...

Ha, sorry PQ. Good luck finding something.