Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Tricky Weather

I hate this weather. Not because it's cold, and not because it's snowing. I like both those things. I hate this weather because it's not snowing enough!

All this week, I've woken up, looked outside, checked the radar, looked on WaPo for the CapitalWeather Gang's take, and decided that the risk of snow/rain was too great to go biking. Then it turns out to be perfect weather for biking all day.

It especially sucks since I'd resolved to bike as much as possible, and now caution about wet/icy roads prevents me from taking advantage of good days to bike.

Arrgh. I may just ride tomorrow, despite the weather warnings. It's been too long.


The Pumpernickel said...

Here here. If it's going to be 20 degrees outside, it had better at least be snowing.

PQ said...

It's supposed to be really nice and in the 60's on Sunday...for your biking pleasure :)

aak said...

Holy ! You're right, PQ. I may have to schedule some Sunday activities in Virginia just to take advantage of the weather.