Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Right On, Ride-On

I have to salute the Ride-On bus drivers who drive south on Colesville Road.

In downtown Silver Spring, I have to cross Colesville at a certain point on my commute. I could go out of my way to go to a light to cross, but that adds 5-7 minutes no matter what. And there's no reason I should have to go to a light. (Except sanity?)

In the morning, I can usually get straight across. For some reason, there is a lull every few minutes in the AM. But between 3:00 and 8:00 PM, it's quite scary. Them northward-living folks wants to get themselves home a-sap. Southbound lanes aren't great, either. I normally have to make a right, get into the leftmost lane, and make a left the next block over.

(Yep, plenty of brakes screech behind me, and I've gotten the horn a couple of times, but ehh, I'm over it.)

I've noticed, though, that, when no one else is coming except the Ride-On bus, the bus will stop for me to make my left turn. There's no reason for it to do this except to help me out. this has happened THREE times.

Thanks, Ride-On drivers, for not giving in to the usual bus-bike mutual-hatred. If I could ever figure out your circuits, I'd ride on you with pleasure.

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