Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thai Tanic Has a Good Location

I really want to like Thai Tanic. It's in such a good location. It's central to a lot of good places. And the food is pretty good. It's just... not that awesome.

Tonight, I ordered from the House Special section: the Thai Tanic Star. It was minced chicken, shrimp, some sort of fishpaste fried cakes, peppers and broccoli. It had three stars next to it, meaning on the mild, hot, and fire scale, it would be fire.

The Thai Tanic Star was very tasty, but it was not spicy at all. I was very disappointed. I had wanted to burn my tastebuds off. I figured that the waitress had looked at me and thought, "White guy can't handle it."

I had some of my date's pad thai, and I admit it was the tastiest pad thai I've had in at least two years. Then again, I like spicy food, so I almost never eat pad thai when at a thai restaurant. But Thai Tanic's pad thai was sweet but not too sweet, peanutty but not too peanutty, and with the mung bean sprouts on the side it felt very light.

Another plus for Thai Tanic is the size of the soda glasses. You'll pretty much get a gallon of coke all to yourself.

But, after we paid the check, the waitresss kept hovering. We were still letting our food settle (we both had eaten too much), and so we were settling into talking. Then the hostess came over and said, "Can I clear table?"

We looked at each other, then back to the hostess, who said, "Sorry, there's so many people, waiting..." blah blah blah she kicked us out. Sure, it's Saturday, and sure, there was a line, but, really? Really? You're going to kick out customers who just finished? We hadn't even been sitting long after paying the bill; tops, 6 minutes.

Thai Tanic... I'll probably be back, since the food's decent and the locale is great, but man, don't kick me out again.


Audball said...

What to get next time at Thai Tanic: Pad Pak Roum Jae or Pad See Eew Jae if you want tofu; Pa Ram Long Song if you want chicken; Angel Wings for an app.; and the Catfish if you feel like splurging.

Too bad the waitress couldn't be more tactful. But I think plenty of places would have the same attitude if they had people waiting for tables. If you walk into a busy place on a weekend night, I think that's to be expected. Try a weeknight next time -- much less jockeying for space.

Donald W. Pfeffer said...

Thai Tanic is the best and the worst restaurant name ever.

You know what would be a good name for a Thai hooker? Thai Tantric.

The Pumpernickel said...

Oooh man, that's like Waitressing 101. Never rush the customer.

I'll admit, I probably would have been a bit peeved. Perhaps enough to throw her a dirty look.

But maybe that's just my New Yorker heritage talking...

Hatandcoat said...

Haha, you were "camping." It's an annoying inevitability when you're a waiter.

aak said...

We were not there long enough to have been "camping." We weren't even there long enough to be "sitting around a bonfire." We were, at the most, "relaxing on a park bench."

Audball said...

Worst Thai restaurant name definitely goes to Thai One On, that place in Towson. For a moment you think it's clever and then you're like, "Oh. Actually ... just kind of lame."

Hatandcoat said...

Yeah, they sound pretty ridiculous. Just for being such jerks I think I would have camped for a while out of spite.