Monday, August 25, 2008

Engagement Arrangement

I'm so excited!

No, I'm not engaged.  But my friend Ephraim* is.  After forging his own set of rings out of molten gold (Aak: "So I guess you get a discount, for having to do all the work."  Ephraim:  "You'd think that, but you'd be wrong."), he finally proposed to his longtime ladyfriend.  They're getting married next year on the West Coast.  

I offered to do their engagement photos.  For free.  It's going to be awesome.**  I have no idea how I'm going to do it, but it'll be awesome.  

Except for the free part.  It's okay this once.  I like doing things for friends, so I try to give them some gratis photo shoots once in a while.  Also, I need to embiggen my portfolio.  I plan on asking a few friends to pose for practice head shots soon.  

Before I made him this offer for free engagement photos, Ephraim offered to fly me to the West Coast if I would then photograph his wedding.  Nope.  Already did that for someone else, but never again.  Weddings are a huge amount of labor for my kind.  And although I desire portfolio-stuffing material, the thought of that much work for no pay makes me queasy.  

I need some lights, light stands, umbrellas, and a D700... just kidding.  I'll hold off on buying the new multi-thousand-dollar camera.  For now.  

*"Ephraim" is not his real name.  I just wish I knew an Ephraim.
**"Ephraim" still has to clear it with the lady, but really, how can she say no?  Free photos!  Who could say no to that?  

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