Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What, Me Worry?

Whatever. All I can respond with is attitude, not well formed opinion. I can say that if the drinking age is changed, 18 year olds would probably drink like they do now.

I have never had well formed opinions about social issues. I don't know if it's a lack of maturity or if it's just simply a lack of whatever it takes to care about them. I do think maturity plays a part. I still don't really think of myself as an adult on some levels. How many adults would blog about urine? I just have general attitude that whatever sort of "problems" exist is anybody's guess as to how to fix them. People can spout about them all they want, and I'm not a good spouter, so it's not my arena.

I often get annoyed when I come across people who get passionate while explaining their opinion on a particular topic. Aak is a good example of it. He'll explain something to me that has pissed him off, and I'll say "good point. How about Chipotle tonight?" If he persists, he'll try to lay out the basics for me, like "do you care that you have a government who spies on you," like that would stir me and cause a click somewhere in my brain. Perhaps I'm still in a holdover of some hard to shake teenage apathy. Here's how I know that that's a distinct possibility: I'm always reminded of a part in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I don't know if I remember the intention of what I'm thinking of correctly, but he talks about how there's no point in getting pissed at the people governing you because they could simply be replaced by a whole other set of people governing you who'll be equally clueless about your real needs. Getting interested in such issues may be incompatible with peace of mind.

I also don't hold any romantic notions of people who are really up on their current events. Like, if I know someone who's just tops on literature, or computers, or sports, or what have you, those are all areas that I don't know very much about, but can really look up to people who do for some reason. Current events and/or politics aren't the same way for me.

I'm using a public computer and am about to be timed out. Goodnight.

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