Tuesday, August 19, 2008


No, no no. The proper response to "Bibliography" is this:

"Why the hell did Aak write this? HE DOESN'T DRINK."

And I don't think of myself as Mr. News. I'm not "tops" on politics and current events. I'm simply aware of the world in which I live, and I do have opinions on that world. Like Hatandcoat, I don't hold any romantic notions of people who really research their elected officials, but, on the other hand, I get pretty disappointed in people who don't know anything about their country and don't care. I'm not saying Mr. Hatandcoat is one of these people. With me as a friend he's forced to be at least aware. Even if it annoys him. Too bad for you, Hatandcoat. Too bad.

Perhaps the next punishment for Hatandcoat not writing will be a "stream" of political blogging by yours truly. Please keep up with me, Hatandcoat, or risk becoming AWARE.

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