Friday, August 22, 2008


After a previous post, I got to thinking about lists. I was thinking about what subject matters of expertise could conceivably get me excited. Like, if I were to meet such an expert, would I feel compelled to pick his/her brain? I don't really want to delve into such a list here because I have NO idea how to be comprehensive about it, but I will start a list of movies that are on my list of all-time favorites. Not comprehensive, but what the hell. Some of them have passed the test of rewatchability, some are childhood faves, and some just are simply awesome. It's in no order, except the first one.

The Shawshank Redemption (#1)
Batman - 1989
Batman Begins
Groundhog Day
Karate Kid
Karate Kid II
Swiss Family Robinson
Boyz in the Hood
City Slickers
Fight Club (though I think I've killed it by now)
The Parent Trap (What can I say? I have an older sister who I followed unquestioningly when I was 6.)
Forrest Gump
The Godfather (though also killed)
Saving Private Ryan
1st half of Full Metal Jacket
We Were Soldiers (Note: I like war movies)

And now I'm stretching to think of more. I'm going to think of others probably 5 minutes after I post this, but this is all I have right now. There are some others that I really love but feel like someone else's thing for some reason, like The Princess Bride, Heat, Big Fish, and so many more. Braveheart and Ronin straddle that line, but Braveheart has to be the most rewatchable movie in history and Ronin has such an awesome feel.

I like the idea of collecting such a list over time, be it movies, music, hobbies, or whatever.

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